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Welcome to

Staffordshire's Premier VR Arcade

Dare you meet the weird and wonderful in another world?

Welcome to Planet VR, Staffordshire’s newest and largest virtual reality gaming centre.

  • Choose from over 100 VR and gaming experiences
  • Available for all ages from 8 years
  • Suitable for skilled and novice gamers
  • Play solo or with up to 3 friends

Teleport your mind to another dimension and immerse yourself in a virtual world of your choice.

Ready to take on the world and showcase your skills?

Choose from a plethora of otherworldly simulations to challenge your mind and body. With action shooters ready to challenge your speed and accuracy as well as rhythm games putting your reactions and timing to the test, there really is an experience for everyone at Planet VR.


October’s Game of the month: Superhot VR Arcade Edition

Have you ever wondered what it must be like to slow down time like in The Matrix, being able to watch the bullets of your foes whizz right past you?
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Beam into the unknown with friends, family and work colleagues


Visit Planet VR with your mates, as a family, for a big celebration or as a team building exercise. 

  • Group Deals
  • Student nights
  • 360-degree VR gaming chairs
  • Taster sessions

Explore the surroundings of your chosen environment and interact with virtual characters – friend or foe – amid amazing animation and simulation.  

Safe and secure simulated 3D environments

Move around freely and safely on your designated gaming pod with space to walk, swing, turn, and dodge.

Planet VR’s ‘gamer experience’ cadets will explain all you need to know about the games and the operation of all equipment. They’ll be on hand at all times to provide assistance and to ensure you receive an exhilarating virtual adventure!

There’s an awesome virtual world for everyone at Planet VR.

Book in and challenge your friends, family or our leaderboards
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