Are you afraid of heights? 


Take an elevator to Richie’s plank that’s sits 80 floors above the ground, then dare to walk to the end! 


Customise the settings to add a physical plank to your playing space!


Richie’s Plank Experience was made to demonstrate virtual reality to friends and family. It’s a short experience which will cause big reactions – exhilaration, fear and laughter – it’s always surprising to see how each person reacts. 


Use a physical plank for added immersion. Customise your plank dimensions in the settings. 


Options to add spiders, cake or doughnuts to the end of the plank! 


Now also supporting feet tracking using the controllers or the vive trackers!


Includes additional elevator levels: 


Fire Deck

If you want to know what it feels like to be a super-hero, here’s your chance. Use your controllers to fly around the virtual city. Extinguish fires that blaze throughout the city with a fire hose and rocket hands. 


Sky Brush

A sky writing simulator where you can paint the sky different colors using your rocket hands as a paintbrush.


Nightmare mode

An extra scary plank experience. Please do not let kids or people who are not ready for being scared play this. To access it press 666 on the number panel on the left in the elevator

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