Spacecats with lasers VR is a wave shooter where you can prove to be the su-purr-rior feline in the galaxy by destroying not so claw-ver rat enemies with your mighty lasers!


Customize your spacecat and choose perks to improve it as you get to harder waves. Did you ever want to have a cat dressed as a unicorn on top of a burrito shooting explosive and chain-lightning lasers at evil rodents? Then this just might be your game!

Spacecats with Lasers VR features different difficulties catering to players who are looking for a lighter playtime and to those that enjoy the chaos of bullet hell games.


– Intuitive motion controls

– Online Leaderboards, be the best cat of all galaxy!

– Fast paced arcade action with endless waves of enemies!

– Many power-ups and upgrades for your cats!

– Customize your avatar: colors, hats and ships (and more to come)

– Pulsating Original Soundtrack by Meowsician Thiago Adamo


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