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Prepare for blast off

Planet VR caters for friends, families and work colleagues of all ages. Exclusive parties and private or corporate hire of the venue is available to provide a stellar session ready to lift off for all needs.

Whether you enjoy locking and loading, working out, challenging your brain or being plunged into mythical adventure or spine-chilling suspense there’s a VR experience with your name on it.

Choose your VR experience

It makes sense to share your experience with family, friends or colleagues to make it more affordable and memorable. Choose from a pod-only or chair-only experience or combine the two for even more celestial exhilaration.

Planet VR’s ROTO chairs are the only ones available in the UK and offer greatly enhanced features. Sit back in comfort and fully immerse in the virtual experience with the freedom to move and flex your arms and legs based on the game.


30 minute pod Session

1 Person - £20.00pp
2 People - £10.00pp
3 People - £6.66pp
4 People - £5.00pp


60 minute pod Session

1 Person - £30.00pp
2 People - £15.00pp
3 People - £10.00pp
4 People - £7.50pp


30 minute chair Sessions

1 Person - £20.00pp
2 People - £17.50pp
3 People - £16.66pp
4 People - £16.25pp
5 People - £16.00pp
6 People - £15.83pp
Teenager playing VR Game-on-vive-headset Planet VR, Staffordshire

Prepare for blast off

Booking a gaming experience at Planet VR couldn’t be easier. Your adventure starts after five simple steps:

  1. Choose your package experience
  2. Book a date and a time slot
  3. Pay to secure your session
  4. Check out the rules online
  5. Turn up on the day

Enter at your own will

Once you enter the Planet VR arcade you will begin a thrilling orbit of simulated 3-D gaming.

First off, you’ll be greeted by a Planet VR Cadet who will confirm your booking, run through a few safety guidelines and explain your gaming trajectory.

When your session begins you will be free to choose which games to play when you take control of the Vive headset or strap into the ROTO gaming chair. All that’s left to do is make your way to your pod and start your adventures!

Explore – Compete – Discover

Finally, after exploring, fighting, creating or simply surviving the realms of another universe you will be able to relax in the interstellar bar area.

Some of our games