Planet VR has only just begun its journey into sharing mind-blowing experiences with the lucky adventurers who dare to set foot into the virtual world. However, it’s safe to say that one game has stood out as a popular favourite amongst the plethora of experiences to be had.

Zombie Riot is a first-person cartoon zombie shooter that has everyone who plays it feeling like a real apocalypse badass. With gameplay straight out of Resident Evil but with the aesthetic of Fortnite, this really is the zombie experience that caters to all ages, so even the youngest of undead-slayers can try their hand at surviving waves of green monstrosities.

Zombie Riot starts you in a street with nothing but the weapons at your side. Forget an explanation, it’s time to blast these freaks to the ground. Survive as long as you can and when it’s over… do it all AGAIN! What could be better!?

If you fancy yourself a zombie slayer aficionado, pick a date, book a pod, then lock and load! We’ll see you in the wasteland!