Superhot VR Arcade EditionHave you ever wondered what it must be like to slow down time like in The Matrix, being able to watch the bullets of your foes whizz right past you? Now imagine you have the power to control the flow of time by simply moving! Sounds pretty cool, right? We thought so too!

At Planet VR, we’ve been putting our skills to the test in SUPERHOT VR, a game where time only moves when you do. You have to use your action hero smarts to strategically dodge and weave through your virtual environment and outsmart your enemies. With the use of your time-bending abilities, the possibilities are virtually endless!

We love SUPERHOT VR for all of its challenging scenarios and fast (or slow… lol) paced action. SUPERHOT VR is a great game for anyone, especially those new to VR wanting to test their new-found skills. What better way to get used to your new virtual surroundings than in the midst of a slo-mo frenzy!?

Enter one of our VR Pods, channel your inner John Wick, and fight your way through the 19 action-packed levels to put your name on our leaderboard, crowning yourself as the best geometric bad guy butt-kicker around!